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Client Satisfaction

Steven Rufo came to our home to do some electrical work - he was very professional, friendly and did a great job. Would definitely use Tri Valley Electrical Service again.
Don W.

These people were so helpful. First of all, even though they were at lunch, there was an option to get patched through to someone immediately. Which was nice because I had a smoking outlet and was getting pretty nervous, since I had already called 7 other electricians and no one was answering the phone.
They told me what to do in the meantime and they got someone out within a couple of hours.
The guy Mike that came out got right to work, fixed the problem outlet, and even cleaned up after himself. (I can't say that of all of the technicians that I've encountered.)
I would definitely use them again, if the need arises.
Auora A.

I had a circuit that was out but the breaker was not popped. Their electrician, Steve, arrived on time and methodically went through the possible problems. He found the box causing the problem in the most difficult spot (behind our stove) and fixed it properly. He completed all this within the initial one hour fee period for the service call. He also explained each step to me as he was tracing the problem and explained what he was doing. I would definitely recommend this vendor based on my experience.
Steven T.

Steve is very professional, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Completed the job on time with very good quality. Left the site clean as he left. Highly recommend Tri-valley electrical service.

Great service. Sean came out to fix my doorbell. I know it's minor compared to some other repairs, but still, I couldn't figure it out. Sean fixed it and went out of his way to accommodate. Very professional, polite, and would definitely go through them again.
Joe R.

We had several repairs done. Tri-Valley Electrical were on time and performed the work very professionally. I would recommend highly.
Rich V..

We had tri-valley come out to a newly purchased home to work on a main electric panel that needed quite a bit of help, not the least of which included moving it outside of the firewall, and to restore power to a circuit (it turns out the wires were not attached to the panel in a previous "repair"). Ron came out and checked out the main job, and we got to ask him about a few other minor repairs as well in the garage. A quote was provided within a couple of days, and we were scheduled for the work about a week later. Any questions that came up: we just called and got quick answers.
The work was splendid. The previous main panel was a rat's nest of wires, and the tri-valley guys cleaned it up so that you could easily trace paths. They replaced a couple of improperly installed breakers (wrong amperage for given wire gauge), they added some junction boxes where required in the garage, and installed a GFCI in the bathroom. Once the power was returned to the mains, they checked out each circuit, including the ones that had no power before. They also checked the main appliances (e.g., washer, dryer, oven, stove, dishwasher, etc.) to make sure that there were no problems with the wiring.
All-in-all, I was very happy doing business with Tri-Valley. The electrician even called me back that night to check after my satisfaction with the job. These guys pay attention to their work, they do great work, and the business side of the house was easy to work with. I found the overall price to be fair given the scope of the work and the reasonably quick scheduling.
Jason J.

Tri-Valley came out and installed (2) ceiling fans which look great! We also went over some of the other projects we are interested in tackling in the near future. I love the work ethic, the efficiency of their work, and the optimism displayed by them. They are true professionals who will always be the first electrical company we reach out to.
William S.

Tri-Valley Electrical Service is FANTASTIC! We had the pleasure of Meeting Ron to have our Home electrical main panel breakers replaced. Jim came out to our home and the job was done very fast and complete. Our home is 25 years old and we had breakers that were old, and no longer readily available. Jim replaced all of the breakers, re-labeled our panel and left with 2 very happy customers. His prices were competitive and fair, and as he told us, no job is to small! A BIG thank you Tri-Valley Electrical Service.
Barbara C.

Just bought a new house in the East Bay and not even a week in it and we have electrical issues. It's an older house sooo i mean duh... it's expected. Had some issues with our doorbell and our ceiling fan in our breakfast nook and we had to call someone else. It was wobbling and shaking pretty loud. Tri-Valley is BUSY we almost got pushed out a month until someone miraculously cancelled. Thanks unknown customer! Bright and early on Monday morning (today) we had Jim M. at our door. He was super professional and friendly. Working at this spot on and off since 1992 (says he). And he was professional to boot. Tightened up our kitchen ceiling fan in a matter of minutes and cleaned/greased our exhaust fan in a jiffy. I would highly recommend these guys if you have any issues with electric work in your home. Thanks for your great work Jim! We will use again, hopefully not any time in the near future
Janet D.

We needed to have a gfci outlet hooked up in one bathroom and a new outlet in another bathroom. Tri Valley Electric showed up right on time as quoted, was friendly, wired both outlets, did an electrical test in under an hour at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend them.
Marcus D.

Had them out again to install two outlets. Once again, on time, fast and efficient. Did great work at a great price.
Marcus D. (again)

Honest business that does well by its customers. Another electric co. Budget Electric dispatched by the home warranty company said that the problems was a fried wire behind the wall and that it was caused by circuit overload, and that all the drywall would have to come out and be replaced. Major $$, but denied by the home warranty company because reported as "circuit overload". Tri Valley owner Ron answered the emergency phone line every time it was called (3 X), even the day before Christmas eve when they were closed. His guy came out and fixed a loose connection behind the panel and the problem was solved quickly.
Tony R.

Now understand, I don't give 5's, I give 4's but Tri-Valley Electrical is a definite 5 Star operation. We were referred to Tri-Valley through our home warranty to repair the wiring to our Evaporative Cooler. Well, the wiring and conduit was shot and needed to be restrung from the circuit breakers back to the cooler. Sean was our electrician and he is AWESOME!! The job took much longer then he expected and he had other calls scheduled after us. At this point, many technicians would incomplete the call for "a part" so that they could make it to the next call, but not Sean. He stuck with the job until it was fully completed. Sean is absolutely a professional with a great work ethic and he is totally committed to Quality on every call. They say that you can judge an organization by the people they employ. Going forward, should I ever need an electrician, Tri-Valley Electrical will be the first and only call I will need to make. And to Sean, Cheers
Doug B..

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